Financial Policy

Patient Billing

For your convenience we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. We deliver the finest care at the most reasonable cost to our patients, therefore payment is due at the time service is rendered unless other arrangements have been made in advance. If you have questions regarding your account, please contact us at Erie Office Phone Number 814-899-0444. Many times, a simple telephone call will clear any misunderstandings. 

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CareCredit for Dental Practices

We’re pleased to offer our patients CareCredit, North America’s leader in patient payment plans.  CareCredit lets you begin your treatment immediately – then pay for it over time with monthly payments that fit easily into your monthly budget.

Your Healthcare Credit Card

CareCredit is the credit card exclusively for healthcare services.  With no up-front costs and no pre-payment penalties, CareCredit lets you pay over time and frees up cash and credit cards for other things you want and need.  CareCredit offers monthly payment plans for healthcare procedures that are not covered entirely by your dental insurance or even if you do not have dental insurance.  Plus, you can use your card again and again to pay for additional treatment for yourself or family members in any CareCredit practice.

  • Enjoy minimum monthly payments
  • Pay no up-front costs or pre-payment penalties

Learn more by visiting  Ready to apply?  Click the link below for your CareCredit card today.  You’ll be smiling bright in no time.

We also offer financing through CareCredit. 
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In the event you have an extensive treatment plan, we usually send in a pre-treatment estimate to your dental insurance.  This is highly recommended so that there is a clear understanding of what your patient responsibility is for payment.  Although we strive to be as accurate as possible, some things are unforeseen, such as previous payment to another provider which can use up a portion of your yearly maximum.  We highly recommend that you become familiar with your specific dental plan and what benefits are available to you.  At all times you can be confident that we will always provide you with our best services without regard to the limitations imposed by your insurance coverage.  To do otherwise would violate our contract with you- a contract we feel morally obligated to honor.

Insurance is a contract between you and your insurance company, we have not control over what treatments your plan covers or doesn’t cover.  We file you insurance claims on your behalf as a courtesy to our patients.  We will not become involved in disputes between you and your insurance company regarding co-payments, covered/non-covered charges, secondary insurance, etc.  You are responsible for the timely payment of your account.  If your insuarnce has not paid within 45 days, you will have 15 days to pay the balance.  A billing charge will be added to any account over 60 days.  We strive to make your dental experience as easy as possible, but it is virtually impossible to know the ins and outs of the hundreds of dental plans out there.  Although we are familiar with several major plans, it is ultimately the responsibility of the patient to know their own maximums, deductibles and frequency limitations (ex. x-ray frequency, fluoride frequency, etc.).  To obtain information regarding your specific dental plan, you can usually find it on your plan’s website through a member portal, contacting your human resources department or calling the number on the back of your dental card. 

If you have any problems or questions, please ask our staff.  We are well-informed and will do everything in our power to help you find the information you need.  We can be reached by phone at Erie Office Phone Number 814-899-0444.


Whichever parent brings the child is responsible, regardless of who carries the dental insurance, unless a court order dictates otherwise.

Please remember you are fully responsible for all fees charged by this office regardless of your insurance coverage. We will send you a monthly statement. Most insurance companies will respond within four to six weeks. Please call our office if your statement does not reflect your insurance payment within that time frame. Any remaining balance after your insurance has paid is your responsibility.  Your prompt remittance is appreciated.